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Wednesday, August 31, 2005
Update on Kids, Kylin is fine. I added a pic of him with his huge donut my mom got him from Michigan.Took Kailei to the Dr Monday. She weighs 12 lb 4 oz and is 23 1/2 inches long. Her head is on the charts now. Got a big head like her daddy. Both my kids do. Dr said if she keeps growing the way she is she'll be on the charts at a normal babys size at 12 months. Here's her 6 month pix I got back on Monday. I want to take her sometime this week or next for her 7 month pictures. These pix aren't centered. My scanner always cuts parts of pictures out for some reason.

Monday, August 29, 2005
So, someone gave me a good idea. This will be my blog for updates on the kids and so forth and I'll have a seperate private blog that no one will have access to (kinda like a private journal I guess)for venting and other things I just need to get off my chest.
So, My mom went to Michigan this weekend for vacation. She brought Kylin back this huge donut thats bigger than his head lol. He loves donuts. Sat. We took Kylin to Check E. Cheese. We invited my dad and my aunt and her kids to help with Kylin and Kailei. Marissa took Kylin up in the play thingy. He loved that. Yesterday we had to run in town to Wal Mart to get a few things. My mom got here about 7 to give us all the souveniers she bought us.
Kailei has a Dr appointment today for her shots and check up. I can't wait to see how much she weighs. She's short and chunky lol. She loves yogurt. I buy her the Yoplait Thick and Creamy. It has tons of calories. She gets that everyday for lunch and mashed potatoes with TONS of butter in it for dinner, I also add a little bit of sugar to take the saltiness away from the butter. She likes it. That's about it for now. I need to go take a shower and get ready.

Thursday, August 25, 2005
sorry but I HAVE to make a new blog! Personal reasons,I need a place to vent without being criticized. E-Mail me or IM me if you want to know the site.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005
So, They moved Kaileis PT appointment to today at 11am. They evaluated her, everyone fell in love with her charm lol. Found out she is at a solid 5 month old level, doing 6-7 month old things. But of course they have to take off 5 weeks for her prematurity. Plus in my opinion they also should consider her IUGR since she stopped growing 6 weeks before she was born. The PT thinks she will be sitting on her own in 4-6 weeks and will start learning things very quickly after that. I asked about her walking before she's 2, They said they think she will definatly walk before she's 2. I am feeding her as much as possible, well, as much as she'll allow me to shove in her mouth lol. The PT suggested the Yoplait Cream yogurt, she said it's really high in calories but yet not unhealthy. My grandma is going to drop her blender off at my moms work on Thursday so I can Puree or Liquify food for Kailei to eat.
As for Kylin, you would never think his toe even bothered him. Sunday and Monday if you asked him how his toe felt he would say "Toe hurtssss" But that didn't stop him any. Oh no, he's still the Toddler Tornado I love so much lol.
We went in town last night, we had to get Kylin and Kailei some winter clothes. We went to Old Navy. Kylin had absolutely NO pants what so ever that fit him. So I bought him 4 pants and like 3 or 4 shirts. I bought Kailei some winter outfits and pants too. All she had was summer clothes.
My mom is dropping the dog and birds off with us on Thursday morning to take care of while they are on vacation. The birds are having baby birds here soon.
Well I went on to a website Sunday night and found a breeder of Pugs in the Quad Cities and I EMailed her. She E-Mailed me back yesterday and told me she just had some puppies born Sunday that would be ready the 2nd week of November and her other Pug is due very soon. So I have told her I was interested and she gave me her number and told me to contact her at the end of October to see what was available and to pick the one we wanted. I figured when we were supposed to get one (in November) we wouldn't be able to find one. So yay I am in luck! lol

Monday, August 22, 2005
This is where my mom is going on vacation this weekend http://www.grandhotel.com/ neat huh?

Kaileis Physical Therapist appointment is now moved to tomorrow instead of the 30th. And with what the Dr said, I'm tryin to feed Kailei as much as I can. Yesterday I melted butter in the microwave and added instant potatoes to that. No water, just butter and potatoes. Today I've started something new, I'm going to try to add 1 more bottle into Kaileis schedule. She would only take 3, 8oz bottles a day. Well I'm going to feed her at 8, 12:30 (with some other food), 5:30 (with another food), and 10:30. I'm trying that routine today, nowif it works or not I have no idea. So far she has taken her 2nd bottle 2 hours earlier than normal plus I fed her Mac n Cheese. I'll probably still try to sneak in fruits and veggies every once in a while too just for nutrition since al she will be getting is junk for a while. I also lowred the concentration of the formula they put her on a few months ago. Instead of 1 can formula to 1 can water I do 1 can Formula to 1/2 can water. So I'm hoping with 2 meals, an extra bottle, plus lowering the concentration of the formula it will make a big difference. I'm gonna go to Wal-Mart and Farm and Fleet here in a little bit. I need to get a Puree machine & 2 shovels.
I need the shovels to fix the back part of the yard where Kade dug up the entire place back there. There are holes litterally about 3 feet deep almost 5 feet long (4 of those)where he dug it out to lay in. Plus all along the side back there is dug down about a foot to make a ditch kinda for him to lay in. We only put him back there when we were gone and when it was nice out. I'm trying to find fill dirt and we need to level it out, that's where we're putting the pool next year to open up the back yard a bit. We are going to try to swim in the pool a few more times this year before we take it down. When we take it down I'm going to go buy like 5 bags of grass seed and load it with grass seed. The landlord still doesn't even know we even had a pool lol. I don't think they will mind anyways. We have done so much to this yard and house since we've moved in to make it look better at our expense, they know whatever we mess up we'll fix. They have offered to pay us back for the things we've done but they have been great landlords. They work with us if we are going to be late with rent, they gave us a gift certificate for dinner for Christmas, They gave us a card with $25 in it when Kailei came home from the hospital. They are the nicest landlords we've had yet. I don't know if I've said this yet in another post but we've figured out the dog we want my mom to get the kids. A Pug. I've read up on them, they are good with kids, barely shed and are a round about good dog to have in a small house. Plus they are cute and fat too lol. I'm waiting until I buy a house to get the bigger dog we want. Well I need to get in the shower and get my errands done.

Sunday, August 21, 2005
Well, I had to take Kylin to the Dr. last night. Yep his Dr. came into his office last night just to fix my sweet little Kylin. Fri night I noticed Kylins big toe had a little tiny puss pocket on the side. I figured eh, it's not that bad I'll just call the Dr. on Monday and get him in. Yesterday while he was at my moms he kept complaining to her that his toe hurt. SoI called hte Dr around 5 and he said to meet us in his office at 8:30. He didn't get there until 9. I had my dad watch Kailei. Well they had to lance his toe. He cried through the whole thing but I bought him a ring pop early that night and I gave it to him right after he was done. When the Dr got done Kylin kept telling us he wanted his sock back on so he got it back on and was running around eating his ring pop like nothing at all had happened.
I talked to the Dr. about Kailei, About what I found out from WIC (Length, weight, Physical Therapy etc.) Well he said if she doesn't gain a good amount of weight from now until the 29th he's seriously thinking of putting a tube into her stomach to pretty much force feed her. Well, I asked him how I was supposed to do that when she's not hungry she REFUSES to put anything into her mouth. Well he said quit giving her baby food. Buy anything (meat, butter, high calorie meals etc.) and puree it. Give her any type of food I want and load it with fat, butter, calories to get weight on her. He wants her long and FAT. He said if I give her mashed potatoes LOAD IT with high fat butter. Anything that has tons of calories just shove it in her mouth and make her eat it. He said her legs not wanting to work could be from the CMV Virus. There could be inflamation in her brain now. Great huh? Nothing but bad news is all I EVER get about Kailei. Why? She seems to be so healthy. She is the happiest baby I've ever seen. She's constantly smiling and laughing. It just sucks. We have a long, hard road ahead with Kailei. Poor little girl. Well. she needs to eat so I'm gonna go feed her.

Friday, August 19, 2005
Well the Global Therapist just left. She tested Kailei for everything. Motor Skills she's at a 7 month level which is great. But Physically her little legs just don't want to work. She will have to go to physical therapy once a week until she's 3 years old. I'm not used to this, Kylin was sitting up by 6 months, crawling at 9 months, and walking by 10 months. Kailei probably won't even be crawling by her 1st birthday. Her first physical therapy appointment is on the 30th so, we'll see how that goes.

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